Whatever the crime, whatever loss, no company can fully protect itself from crime nor can it be immune from its effects. Everyone feels the effects of crime either directly, perhaps measured in financial loss, or indirectly by an incalculable effect upon the business. Indirect repercussion costs are sometimes more damaging to the business than the crime itself, commercial loss and employee dissatisfaction are additional negative crime factors, which inevitably will impact the business and thereby further reduce business cohesion and profit.

New products and technologies have evolved to further enhance the opportunity for companies to protect their business and assets from crime.

Advanced Security Systems UK Ltd is a company who, by understanding the principles of threat and risk assessment, combined with the desire to deliver the best quality installations, have achieved a reputation for providing cost effective, high quality security solutions. Technical Excellence, Integrity and Enthusiasm’

All our staff are high calibre professionals who provide excellence and integrity in everything they do. Add to our technical expertise, independent thought, a total commitment to deliver all of our clients’ security requirements and commitment to addressing your problems directly until the solution emerges.

A Brief History

The company’s Managing Director, Trevor Robins established Advanced Security Systems UK Ltd. in 1987. Trevor recognised a niche in the market for a professional quality systems provider specialising in bespoke ‘turn-key’ security and loss prevention services, based upon the principles of technically deliverable, high quality, cost effective security installations.

We believe that electronic security is not a service determined by generalisations, stock responses or blanket policies. Security provisions can only be delivered after full consultation with the client and consideration of the threat and risk to that particular business and its assets.

The Future

Based upon bespoke design and personal service, Advanced Security Systems continues to expand and evolve, however maintains the founding principles of quality and professionalism which has served both the company and its clients throughout the years.

Company Quality Policy

It is the policy of Advanced Security Systems to provide customer satisfaction and thereby sustain growth for the company. To achieve this objective, Advanced Security considers that it is of paramount importance that the quality of products and services supplied be of the highest quality and standard.

It is a pre-requisite that all employees recognise the importance of our customers, act in accordance with the quality principles and procedures laid down by the company, and thereby maintain and develop the good name of Advanced Security.

To maintain this policy, Advanced Security are committed to designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining our installations to the highest degree of quality required by the appropriate certification body and concurrent with good engineering practice.

Equal Opportunities

Advanced Security Systems is an equal opportunity employer. The aims and objectives of the policy is to ensure that no employee or prospective employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or disability.

Selection methods, criteria and procedures are constantly under review to ensure that individuals are selected and/or promoted solely on the basis of merit and abilities. All present and future employees will be given equality of opportunity with Advanced Security and will be encouraged to progress within the organisation. Advanced Security is fully committed to make this policy effective.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Advanced Security Systems considers the health and safety of all its employees to be of major importance in all our operations whether on our premises or at the clients premises. Over and above fulfilling our legal and moral obligations Advanced Security consider our employees to be our most important asset and therefore pursue by all means possible the mechanisms by which we take proper care of the health and safety of all our employees.

The company’s primary objective of having a policy is to ensure that all our employees perform there respective tasks without undue risk to their own and others health and safety. It is our intention to provide and maintain a safe working environment, without undue risk and concurrent with current legislation.

It is also an objective of the policy to promote a greater awareness among all our employees in all matters pertaining to health and safety issues, to ensure that all employees have sufficient instruction, training and supervision and thereby empower the employee to carry out their work safely and efficiently.

The implementation and maintenance of the policy, the provision of information, instruction and training necessary for the promotion of health and safety is structured through, maintained by and is fully the responsibility of management.

Fundamental to the policy is a need for co-operation amongst all employees and at all levels to ensure that the company achieves all its goals in line with the policy.

The company requires that all employees take a mature and intelligent prospective towards health and safety and thereby minimise the possibility of any accident or incident occurrence. All employees have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act to take reasonable care with regards to health and safety of themselves and others.

All employees are required to co-operate and fully implement company policy, procedures and all other relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice.

Company Strategy

Advanced Security System’s strategy is to provide total security and loss prevention solutions based on specific customer requirements with the emphasis on engineering excellence and product quality.

Underlying this philosophy is our strong engineering base providing technical vetting of system proposals, project management, continuous product evaluation and testing, commissioning, installation, staff training, documentation, customer support, corrective and preventive maintenance.

In order that we may achieve this, we have invested in plant and equipment to enable the largest of jobs to be undertaken and completed swiftly and with the utmost quality. We pride ourselves on the ability to successfully install and maintain both large and small projects throughout the U.K.


Our staff are drawn from a range of specialist backgrounds and disciplines. With this fusion of experience Advanced Security can provide the skills that any project demands. Our extensive resource base enables Advanced Security to provide a genuine ‘one-stop’ Security provider.

“When you work with Advanced Security you work with people who are committed to protect your business”

Since our inception, Advanced Security has experienced sustained growth and has remained financially robust. Experience and capability reinforces our confidence and inherent desire to deliver the best possible security to our clients business.

Our install department completes over 300 projects per annum ranging from domestic dwellings to major integrated commercial systems. Our service team attends over 5000 services per year ensuring that systems remain operating to their optimum, dedicated fault engineers attend over a thousand faults per annum