Secure Monitoring for Security Systems

redcareMost commercial intruder alarm systems are required to signal to a third party monitoring station. Monitoring stations operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The system sends signals from the security/fire panel over a telephone line, the operator can differentiate between different causes on site e.g. Intruder, fire, open and close signal etc. On receiving the alarm the operator will follow the exact action that has been pre arranged with the customer. Key holders, police and the fire service are all contacted and notified of incidents whilst the building is un-attended.

There are several options for your system to communicate, a digital communicator uses the phone line, and all calls are charged on the telephone bill each time the system communicates with the central station. If the phone line fails any signals are not sent.

Protected telephone lines

BT offers protection to the integrity of the monitoring of the system through Redcare.

Redcare Classic

A STU (subscriber terminal unit) is fitted either within or alongside the security/fire panel. The line is connected through the Redcare to the dedicated monitoring station for the system; the Redcare communication passes through the BT Redcare exchange. The line is now monitored 24 hours per day between your premises and the monitoring station. If the line fails the monitoring station will be notified that the telephone line is not operating and no signals will be received.

Redcare GSM (Dual Path)

The GSM unit follows the exact operation of the Redcare Classic with the addition of the GSM unit. Should the land line fail the signaling will continue to communicate with the central station over the mobile telephone network. A line fault would still be notified to the customer in the same manner. There are no telephone calls charges associated with the signaling to the central station when the system is connected to a Redcare line, all signals are sent via the Redcare and not charged as calls. Redcare systems only operate on BT telephone lines.

Redcare Agile

BT redcare agile gives you flexibility, allowing you to use GPRS (mobile technology) with the added protection of any standard telephone line as a back-up-path. If either is interfererred with by an intruder, the other continues to monitor for any further alarms and transmits them as ‘confirmed activations’ – extra confirmation that an intruder is on the premises and this isn’t faulse. A ‘confirmed activation’ attracts immediate response from the emergency services.
BT Redcare Agile is for small businesses and homes.

Redcare Solo

BT redcare Solo is the latest model available, allowing you to use GPRS (mobile technology) and comes with a roaming SIM which connects to the strongest GPRS netw