The electronic access control sector offers a myriad of combined security and management systems. The choice of technology is enormous and includes both audio and audio/video door entry systems, this is in addition to simple pin number readers, proximity, hands-free and card-based access systems, all of which may or may not be software based PC systems. In today’s security climate more and more businesses are incorporating biometric access control systems to tighten and lock down the controlled entry within their premises.

Advanced Security are not tied to any particular manufacturer, system or technology, therefore we will recommend products best suited to the application, rather than making the application suit the product. When designing an access control system it is important to assess business objectives and the user’s particular security requirements and methodically design the installation of the system based upon a set of objectives. In addition Advanced Security will also advise upon operational procedures and the implementation process. Good design and planning together with phased introduction will ensure the system is operationally efficient and performs in accordance with the client’s security and management requirements. It is also important that company personnel understand and appreciate the need for controlling access, hence the need for some consultation and a phased introduction.