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Central Station Monitored Systems


‘Bringing together the right information with the right people’

When it comes to  Monitoring any of our Advanced Security Systems or safety systems we only use the best to ensure that your premises our protected.


Our systems can be fitted with market leading signalling equipment such as Dualcom and Redcare that utilise highly secure platforms to transmit activations to our Alarm Monitoring Centres. These Centres are manned round the clock by trained experts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Key events from Intruder, Fire and Panic alarms are passed to the relevant Brigade, Constabulary, Guarding Company or keyholder as set up for your system intervention plan.

Other monitoring services include CCTV Monitoring where Alarm and Video information are transmitted to video monitoring centres that can in addition to action events can also provide audible challenges in real time to any unauthorised persons at your premises.

  1. Monitored Intruder Alarms

  2. Police Response URN 

  3. Intruder Alarm Monitoring

  4. Alarm Receiving Centres

  5. Signalling Equipment 

  6. Maintenance



Monitored Intruder Alarms

Police Response URN – Unique Reference Number

There are two types of URN – Intruder alarm URN and Hold Up URN. The cost of a URN is £43.56+VAT. It is a one off payment to register your system for police response. It is incredible value and excellent service. Requirements for having a URN include that the system is certified and must be maintained twice a year.



Alarm Receiving Centres

To achieve Police response signals need to be received by an central station alarm receiving centre. These centres are secure facilities that action the police and contact the keyholders. 

Signalling Equipment

There are many paths in which alarms can be transmitted - telephone, internet and mobile. Methods for signalling are either single path or dual path. Signalling is Graded from 1- 4. Gradeing is determined on how long these units take to report critical failure that range between 24 hours (Grade 1) – 3mins 30 seconds(Grade 4).


Regular maintenance ensures the operation of your equipment and required for Police response. The requirements are for 2 service per year and access to emergency response 365 days a year.

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