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How to add a tag

How to add a tag Use your manager code to enter the manager mode, and keep pressing 'No' until it says


and then press 'YES'.

"Change User Codes?"

Press 'YES'


Use 'B' or 'D' keys, or number keys to select an empty user address (if you wish to change an exiting user or overwrite their code, then choose the correct user number in this list).

Press 'YES' when you have selected the correct slot.


Present the new tag to the reader, or key in the new code. To delete what you have entered, press the 'C' key. If the code, or part of the code, is already in use then you will not be able to proceed.

"ENTER USER CODE [******] "

Press 'YES' to continue.

"User Type User [0]"

Option should display 'User'.

Press 'YES'

"User Areas [A ]"

Use the keys to select or deselect which areas you want the user to be able to control

Press 'YES'

"User Set Option Set/Unset [0]"

Option should display “Set & Unset”

Press 'YES'

"Flexi-Set No [0]"

Option will display “Yes” or “No” – Leave this option as displayed

Press “Yes”

You can enter a name for the user using the keys on the keypad. Use ‘0’ key for space.

The A B C D keys on the keypad are used as follows:

‘A’ – capital letters, ‘B’ – moves cursor left, ‘C’ – Clears Character, creates a space, ‘D’ – Cursor moves right.

On Completion

Press “Yes”

To get out of the manager menu, keep pressing no, until you find the option "EXIT MANAGER MENU?" and press 'YES'.

How to turn Chime back on?

If your chime has stopped working then please press the "C" button. A small "C" should appear next to the time on the display and the chime should be back on.

How do I reset my alarm?

Engineer resets should only be required if the system has been tampered with or the system has generated a "Confirmed Alarm".

  1. We can perform remote resets only if the reason for activation is known
  2. present Tag and the system will display "anti-code reset required" and generate a "G" code e.g G54321
  3. Give us a call and speak to one of the friendly team, we will log the reset and generate a anti code.
  4. Press "No" twice on the keypad and the enter the anti-code provided.
  5. On success "Anti code reset performed" then press “Yes” and the display screen should return to normal.

How do I Reset a Manual Call Point?

RESET MCP An activated call point should show a yellow Tab. As shown here it can be less visible with a shadow. Find the reset key shaped like a tuning fork Enter the key in the two slots under the call point Pull down on the bottom of the call point The bottom of the call point will drop Push the bottom section back up The Call point should now be reset and the yellow tab will no longer be visible